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    Healthy Life — glutathione

    Glutathione - is this the mother of all antioxidants?

    Glutathione - is this the mother of all antioxidants?

    What is Glutathione and what are its benefits?

    Glutathione is probably one of the most unknown but absolutely essential things that our body needs to function well and maintain a healthy state. Glutathione is found in fruit, vegetable and meats naturally as well as being produced naturally in our liver. It's an essential and super powerful antioxidant that works absolutely tirelessly in our cells and is involved in so many processes in maintaining good health, it's hard to list them all. The main functions include; tissue building and repair, producing chemicals and proteins in the body that are essential to building our immune system and is also essential for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. It prevents damage to our cells.

    Here is a list of health issues that glutathione has been linked to for the positive treatment of: 

    • cataracts
    • glaucoma
    • preventative ageing
    • treating alcoholism
    • asthma
    • heart disease
    • high cholesterol
    • liver problems
    • aids
    • chronic fatigue
    • alzheimer's
    • memory loss
    • lung disease
    • diabetes
    • anemia
    • infertility

    Because it's a true powerhouse in positive support for our body, it's essential that you do all you can to prevent your glutathione levels from becoming low and suffering from glutathione deficiency.

    Here's a list of things that can cause depletion of your glutathione levels:

    • poor diet
    • stress
    • drugs
    • infection
    • injury, burns or trauma
    • radiation and chemotherapy
    • general ageing
    • pollution
    • build up of toxins
    • build up of free radicals

    Glutathione fights oxidative stress in the body, controls inflammation, slows the ageing process, can help prevent depression and stress, limits brain degeneration, powerfully fights infections, helps heal the gut, and can assist in the reduction of cancer cells.

    How much Glutathione boosting supplements should you take per day (RDA - Recommended Daily Allowances)

    Unfortunately there are no established RDA (recommended daily allowances) of glutathione boosting supplements. However due to the way human cells are designed you cannot 'overdose' on glutathione. It's best to take the manufacturers advice on dosage levels based on the specific supplement that you choose. But to sum it up take enough of the supplement to raise your glutathione levels to the point where you are feeling great, full of energy and you are generally maintaining good health.

    Symptoms of Glutathione Deficiency

    Glutathione deficiency leads to:

    • increased oxidative stress
    • reduction in the ability to detoxify
    • build up of toxins and heavy metals in the body
    • unable to repair DNA
    • mutating cells
    • weak cell membranes
    • reduced oxygen to your cells
    • cell death

    Some tell tale symptoms that your glutathione levels are low include:

    • headaches
    • dizziness
    • lack of energy
    • joint pain
    • rashes
    • dry skin
    • sleep disorders
    • depression
    • frequent colds and flus

    Which foods contain Glutathione naturally?

    Apples, asparagus, avocados, broccoli, spinach, grapefruit, tomatoes, parsley, pears, carrots, oranges, garlic and meats all contain varying levels of glutathione, however to ensure you maintain adequate levels of glutathione I suggest that you look to glutathione supplements that provide therapeutic doses.

    What to look for and what to avoid when purchasing Glutathione boosting supplements?

    Finding a truly great glutathione boosting supplement can prove slightly difficult if you are not sure what you are looking for. Glutathione precursors help the body produce and lift GSH (Glutathione) levels, so picking a supplement to boost the glutathione precursors is the best way to bolster the body's master antioxidant glutathione and ensure your levels are at their top.

    Glutathione precursors include:

    • N Acetylcysteine
    • Alpha Lipodic Acid
    • Selenium
    • B vitamins
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Milk Thistle

    Choosing a supplement with some or all of these added ingredients is your best bet.

    Avoid glutathione supplements that do not include some or all of the above.

    Which Glutathione supplement do I recommend?

    Premiere Research Labs - PRL Glutathione is my best recommendation to you, it's the highest quality that I've found and the product that I personally choose to take. I also take it with PRL NAC to supercharge the results.

    In Conclusion

    I can't stress enough the importance of keep your glutathione levels full every single day. When you do, you won't believe you are the same person, your energy levels, mood, general health and happiness will be at an all time high.