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    Pure Organic Oils

    $ 32.90 NZD

    Organic Argan Oil is a powerful oil with many benefits. Argan oil is remarkably rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acid, rich in carotenes and phytosterols, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, up...

    $ 29.90 NZD

    Organic Camellia Oil has fantastic absorption and deeply penetrates the layers of the skin to provide a deep rich moisturising as an under layer to your normal skin care creams. It activates a gene promoter in your skin cells called...

    $ 31.90 NZD

    Organic Tamanu Oil is a topical healing agent with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticoagulant (sunburns, erythema), anti-neuralgic and cicatrising (skin healing) properties. How to use our Organic Tamanu Oil? Apply topically to affected area morning and night. When using at...

    $ 69.20 NZD

    Help ease chronic pain as well as defend yourself against infections such as E-coli, hepatitis, viral pneumonia, meningitis, encephalitis and Lymes disease. Oil of Oregano has even been known to eradicate flesh-eating bacteria! This oil might just be the best broad...