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    Hi I’m Rachelle Kazenbroot and for those of you that don’t know me I’m one of the founders of M&R Essentials and owner of Net Pharmacy, CityMed Pharmacy, and Intenza and the media also refer to me as ‘the Raw Pharmacist’ (I’ve been a Pharmacist for over 20 years and am passionate about ‘raw, natural and organic’). Behind every brand is a reason for that brand existing and my brand The Raw Pharmacist is no exception to this. Here is a little about what drove me to start this brand and some of my thoughts on natural healing.

    Solving a mass-produced problem 

    I’m surrounded by an infinite number of brands that claim to help with health problems, but I’ve suffered through the frustrations of using them. In some cases the synthetic ingredients simply made the situation worse (I had a persistent problem with eczema).  My journey to produce the most PURE recipes for homeopathic medicines took me out of New Zealand where I researched and discovered international holistic, fast acting solutions and brought that knowledge back with me to utilize the world’s highest quality handmade manufacturing methods (in New Zealand) to produce my ranges of products. Using the values instilled from my parents about working hard and using knowledge and qualifications to match outstanding pure ingredients to treat the body, my brand was born! It is now expanding and flourishing and my goal to improve human health is being realised. 

    Why do my pure natural/organic brands work so successfully?

    The simple fact is that as humans, we are organic machines. We want to be happy and live a life of wellbeing and longevity and my biggest challenge as a pharmacist is being faced with what happens when that machine breaks down.  I see customers every day that have a range of problems to deal with – both men and women - they may only be in their 20’s or they may be more advanced in life, but they are fatigued, can’t sleep, feel unwell in a range of ways and understandably try to take action to fix the problem, only to get a disappointing result.  The solution needs to be lifestyle focused, we promote supplements that work alongside good nutrition to nourish and heal the body.

    That’s why, I created my wellness brands to support the healing of individual problems commonly presented in the pharmacy, to keep customers happy, and to have these solutions available to a much wider audience. People all over the world can now access our products online to address their health issues to support the body to start and continue to HEAL.

    Be aware of non natural supplements and capsules full of excipients

    But it’s simple and logical that if you randomly select from a store shelf, mass produced products that have questionable contents, you are flying in the dark. Capsules contain binders and fillers to make the manufacturing machines work better in the creation of the product and have nothing to do with the solution to your symptoms; and some well known topical creams actually have ingredients that can be toxic. In randomly selecting them and hoping for the best, you are investing hard-earned money for disappointing results - results that can actually worsen your symptoms.  Our products specifically match your symptoms and are so pure that you can actually eat them!

    If you have a serious illness and have been given a medical prescription, then as a pharmacist, I’m there to supply you.  But many people have lower level symptoms like skin irritation, eczema, coughs and tiredness - my extra training, knowledge and experience also provides an understanding for using pure, hard hitting homeopathic and Bach flower infused solutions, which knock the symptoms out of the body and support mental balance.  Eight years ago, we had the swine flu epidemic that among other things, left people with a persistent cough that just wouldn’t shift. Our cough tonic helped many of these people.  We produce solutions that are pure, organic, honest and work just as safely on infants as they do on adults.

    Your next positive step in self-care and healing

    Here, in my online shop, you will access a range of products that are safe, meticulously tested, explained and will address your main problem and support it.  If you want to be well, stop the vices of eating non-nutritious food, staying sedentary and popping too many pills. You are the architect of your life and wellbeing.  Put your mind on a positive pathway and feed your organic machine with clean, nutritious food, get moving and treat your pre-existing symptoms with our pure, raw tonics and oils (no fillers or binders), homeopathic, Bach flower infused remedies and skin care. The outcome is a feeling of wellness, inner and outer beauty and a longer healthy life! Grab a product that matches your symptoms and start feeling better today.  I really care about you!

    Rachelle xxx